Works are now underway on a new Community Facility and Nursery for Thomas Homes in Marcham Oxfordshire with a combination of SIPS and Roof trusses.

Lakeview Village Hall

Lakeview Village Hall is a new community hall located on the edge of the Great Easthall estate on the outskirts of Sittingbourne.

The hall has a very modern design look and incorporates a large glass foyer at the entrance. The hall is large and filled with light from the light cannons built into the roof.

The design and build of the hall is to the very latest construction technology, the hall is accessible to people of all abilities. The construction materials are renewable with local materials and are designed to be environmentally friendly.  The roof has been constructed to incorporate a grass roof and to encourage wildlife.

The hall has attracted a lot of interest from organised clubs that will attract the Great Easthall community to use the hall. The hall will become the centre of the Great Easthall community.