Case Study: Glosford continues to supply Habitatwith SIPS buildings for their Luxury Lakeside Home developments in Dorset.

The Silverlake development of bespoke, sustainable homes in West Dorset is setting the standard for low-impact construction with Glosford SIPS and the Kingspan TEK Building System, ensuring excellent project efficiency with the versatile off-site solution.

Location: West Dorset
Product: Kingspan TEK Building System
Client: Habitat First Group

The Project

Silverlake is an exciting new development, constructed by Conservation Builders Ltd, which offers homes away from home amongst the beautiful heathlands, woodland and lakes of West Dorset. The residential community sits nestled within a carefully managed nature reserve, providing the ultimate retreat where people, ecology and innovative, award-winning architecture are brought together. The Habitat First Group development offers residents the chance to be involved from the early stages of the design process. Glosford supported this bespoke construction approach.

The Kingspan TEK Building System was chosen for the speed of build it allows, its excellent thermal performance and the off-site element which enabled reduction of the number of trades on site. Another key benefit of using TEK is that it allows flexibility of design necessary for a project like this as, although the units are a standard house type, almost every property sold has customer variations which we had to cater for – one house even has a eyrie added to the second floor which allows the client to walk through the bedroom into a sort of hide to birdwatch.

Mike Fleming – Director, Glosford Timber Solutions

The newbuild project is designed to be an exemplar of sustainable development from design to future operation, and the latest phase utilises 4000 m2 of the Kingspan TEK Building System for the walls and roofs of the new properties. Glosford selected the Kingspan TEK Building System as it allowed for predictable off-site construction and design flexibility, as well as providing exceptional out-of-the-box fabric performance.

The design of the buildings in the Silverlake development have lifetime energy efficiency in mind. In addition to their excellent thermal performance, the unique jointing system and OSB/3 facings also helped to minimise air-leakage from the properties. This supports the project’s vision for a sustainable community.

Case Study: Glosford supply to Habitat with SIPS buildings for their Luxury Lakeside Homes in the Cotswolds.

The Lower Mill Estate, a development of sustainable holiday homes in the Cotswolds, is offering holiday homemakers the best in bespoke, energy efficient properties with the help of Glosford SIPS and the Kingspan TEK Building System’s scope for individual design and off-site construction.

Location: The Cotswolds
Product: Kingspan TEK Building System
Client: Habitat First Group

The Project

Lower Mill Estate, constructed by Conservation Builders Ltd, is a community of beautiful holiday homes including award winning property designs, which has continued to produce exemplary models of sustainable construction with each new phase of development. The Habitat First Group’s vision was to create a residential nature reserve that would provide security and the freedom to escape the demands of urban life. The resulting development, immersed in the idyllic woodlands of the Cotswolds, offers residents tranquillity and relaxation through fully customisable, energy efficient properties. The use of Glosford’s structural insulated panels (SIPs) has enabled clients to enjoy a truly bespoke experience, where they can be involved in the very early stages of designing their property.

Knowing Kingspan TEK is an accredited product and is well manufactured is a huge benefit, as is the flexibility it offers whilst maintaining excellent insulation values. Dealing with client variations can be challenging, especially on a project of this scale. Almost all units were bespoke with complex designs incorporating integral balconies and roof terraces that had to be designed into the Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) frame, but through our experience with the Kingspan TEK Building System we were able to meet all of the resident’s requests.

Mike Fleming – Director, Glosford SIPS

The latest phase of the ongoing development makes use of Kingspan TEK panels for the walls and roofs of the new units. The Kingspan TEK Building System, which comprises a high-performance insulation core sandwiched between two layers of OSB/3, was selected as it allowed a high level of design flexibility and exceptional out-of-the-box fabric performance, as well as creating minimal site waste as kits are designed and cut off-site.

The outstanding thermal conductivity of the Kingspan TEK Building System’s insulated core and OSB/3 facings produces a highly energy efficient building envelope. This supports the development at Lower Mill Estate to satisfy sustainable construction standards and creates diverse properties with lifetime energy efficiency in mind.

Images: Habitat First Group