Discover what our clients say about working with Glosford SIPS. 

“When Allister Godfrey first suggested using SIPS frames to build our house, we were intrigued and did some research. Turns out SIPS frames are best described as cost effective, engineered frames with built in insulation. These frames can be built according to our design needs.

They are also environmentally better from both manufacture and living in purposes. That sold us to the idea and we found a producer, Glosford SIPs, who were able, in conjunction with Allister, to produce all the frames needed for our new build. Timely delivery and rapid erection (another key factor with SIPS) produced a World Class building in good time.

The finished product is a thing of beauty and warmth. The sealed house is well insulated and conserves heat and cool well. We love it.”

March 2024

“We will always be grateful to you and your team for providing us with an incredible retirement home.

We have looked at the STA awards, and are proud that our project won.”

November 2022

“We would not go back to traditional build after using Glosford SIPS”

December 2022

“Very pleased with everything Glosford. I hope that we will be in a position to work with you again.”

November 2021

“I wish other companies had the same approach to delivery and service as Glosford SIPS. They could all learn from your culture. I would really like to thank George and Mike Saez at Glosford.

I’d also really like to mention a special thank you to Richard and his Installation team (Chad/Nathan/Hughesy) for the sterling job they completed, their professionalism, work ethic and advice to me about on-going issues/tips. I was extremely impressed with this team and also their assurance in using Glosford and what Glosford do differently to other competitors in the design, build and ongoing support. That was very re-assuring to hear and I’ll certainly recommend Glosford SIPS.

Thank you.”

October 2021

“All of the guys on site were brilliant – Nico – Martin – Jacob. Worked very hard for long hours on a difficult job. Worked late in to Sunday evening after working away from home for a long week. Would be very happy to have men like that working for me and would suggest they are well looked after.”

September 2021

“First time building from the ground up and Glosford SIPS made it an absolute joy. The whole process was an absolute joy and I genuinely can’t think of a single gripe from the whole project.”

August 2021

“Professional and committed from the start to the end of the project. Installation team were exceptional and did a fabulous job on all 3 installations.”

August 2021

“I hope you are well and that Glosfords continue to do well in these rather strange times.

It is now a year since we moved into the house you supplied for us so I thought you might be interested to learn how we are getting on.

From an environmental perspective, we are thrilled with the performance of the envelope. The attention to detail of the erection crew has paid off in spades. We did boost matters by installing triple glazing, and we focused on ensuring airtightness across the whole structure. Rather pleasingly, we obtained an air permeability rating very close to that specified for a Passiv Haus. This has been reflected in our energy bills which, for the first year, amount to only £440. We do have a significant investment in solar and the ground source heat pump but the rate of heat loss from the building is so low that we were as warm as toast during the winter.”

July 2021

“Thank you so much for looking at these queries for me and thank you for spending the time. We will continue to sing the praises of SIP construction and will encourage anyone to contact you if they are thinking of building in SIPS. If you ever need to show anyone a completed sip construction house we will be only to pleased to show people around and share our experiences. Thanks again.”

May 2021

“Everything has worked as it should have draught free, easy to heat and stays warm even in this colder weather.”

April 2021

“Great Service and communication from all the team from day one. The installation team were excellent!”

January 2021

“Although we have had a discussion since the completion of the installation of the SIPS on-site, we wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you to you and your team at Glosford for carrying out the project in such a professional manner.

Firstly, your office-based team, especially Tiago, Stuart, Mike and George, were always there to answer any query, large and small in a methodical and calm manner.

Secondly, your installation team under Nick’s supervision were exemplary, not only in the actual installation but in the days leading up to it, in providing useful advice in preparation to the main installation works. On the two days, on-site his team were professional in their standard of work. If we could highlight just a couple of features it would be their eye to detail and the way they conducted themselves on site.

Please can you pass on to Nick and his team our thanks for making what could have been a stressful time so easy if not enjoyable.

Finally, can we thank the other members of your staff who are behind the scenes and probably don’t get praise when it is due such as Beth in Accounts. All of them have looked after my queries in the same professional manner.

If and when we build another development, a SIPS build will be considered at the start with only Glosford on the list to carry out the work.

Many Thanks From A Very Happy Customer.”

July 2022

“Great team, built our new home in record time. They were courteous, tidy, cheerful even on the wet days. Thoroughly recommend this system of building a home. If anyone is hesitant come and see us!”

September 2021

“It was the right decision to employ Glosford for the SIP panel construction on our Self-Build. Everyone of Glosford employees I have dealt with on this project has been very professional in all aspects of their line of work. The final design by Blue was spot on and Nick Thompson’s team on site were excellent and a joy to watch.”

September 2021

“From the initial contact through to the handover of the completed building, Glosford’s staff were very professional. The ability to sit down with the designer to check and modify minor details before production commenced was invaluable.

The install team were very well organised and worked really hard. The shape of the building presented some challenges during erection but all were overcome. Their attention to detail ensured that the airtightness of the envelope was of a very high standard. We have now reaped the benefits of this in very low running costs and a very comfortable dwelling.

We are thrilled with the result and look forward to many happy years in our new home.”

August 2021

“First time building from the ground up and Glosford SIPS made it an absolute joy. The whole process was an absolute joy and I genuinely can’t think of a single gripe from the whole project.”

July 2021

“Fantastic overall service and a pleasure to do business with Glosford.”

May 2021

“The whole process was very smooth and efficient. The installation team did a fantastic job on site – I couldn’t fault the process at all! Thank you.”

May 2021

“Firstly, just wanted to say how happy I am with your service, the product and the fitting team. Keep up the good work! We are having a lot of interest.”

April 2021

“We contacted Glosford’s following a recommendation. From the outset we have been dealt with in a professional but friendly manner. We had many questions which were answered directly and through factory and site visits. Mike Fleming displayed a confidence in the product which appears well founded. This was the first SIPS project for our architect who has been able to discuss and explore any issues with the design team whom he found understanding and helpful. The installers were excellent and worked diligently in poor weather. We are delighted with the SIPS building and look forward to moving forward and completing the project. We would recommend Glosford’s without hesitation.”

March 2021