SIPS is Better

The benefits of SIPS

Victorian builders created masonry cavity walls to stop damp. With only the introduction of some insulation between the walls, most new homes are still built this way today. But such ’19th century technology’ doesn’t work in a ‘low carbon world’, or stop heating bills from rising.

On the other hand, as a Modern Method of Construction SIPS are right for our times, giving you a comfortable, warm and energy efficient home.

Why is SIPS the new build standard?

  • Predictability – accurate programming, quality assurance, built as drawn, so the whole project team of SIP contractors work smarter.
  • Minimum defect building – because our panels fit precisely together staircases, doors and windows go immediately into position with little, if any, on-site easing and with little remedial work needed you get a better quality of internal finish with no cracking of plaster
  • A solid feel – with a thick layer of rigid insulation bonded between skins of Oriented Strand Board (OSB), our SIPS are rigid dense and solid, unlike the open skeleton of a timber frame house
  • Less heating needed – many SIPS homeowners install modern ventilation and heating systems, like Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery systems (MVHR), which reuse warm air and which can make a traditional central heating system a thing of the past.

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