SIPS is Faster

The benefits of SIPS

Traditional building is slow and labour intensive. Each block and brick has to be carefully laid, checked, and mortar given time to go off. If conditions are bad, work stops completely.

Compare all that with our SIPS where just one of our panels can create upto 9m2 of wall – the equivalent of 550 bricks and 90+ concrete blocks!

The perfect solution when time is tight

  • 2 weeks on-site – our installation teams aim to be on-site for just ten days for a typical four-bed house – external walls up, the internal walls in place, first floor installed roof on and ready for work inside
  • Predictable finish – each panel’s precision made off-site, so they fit together first time on-site which means your build progresses very predictably and you can give an accurate completion date to follow-on trades
  • Faster 1st fix – ‘open-web’ first floor construction means fast, easy, laying of pipe and electric cable. No drilling and notching of solid timber joists needed
  • Save more time at 2nd fix – as our panels are accurately cut to plan dimensions your doors, windows and bespoke items will fit into place fast, without problem with very little need for remedial works after
  • Cut down on jobs – no separate fitting of insulation, no clean of mixers or mopping up mortar spills, no brick and block rubble to clear and dispose of.

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