Lemontree Property Improvements – New Build


This was a 172mm SIP walled project clad with Cotswold stone. The roof incorporates a number of solutions including; vaulted 172mm SIP roof panels, pitched roof trusses with storage areas above and flat roof areas utilising open web Posi-Joists. There were multiple structural support elements required to achieve the design in both glulam timber and steel. Glosford also incorporated a suspended timber floor zone to account for the multi-level topography of the site. 

This project offered a plethora of challenges, from the interesting geometry, variation in roof solutions and the requirement of perfectly aligning soffit and ceiling line. The corner glazing of the living room area had very specific aesthetic requirements which meant cantilevered steel sections and no corner post, this further added to the complexity of the aligning soffit and ceiling. 

It all started with a client’s wish list of large open areas with wide unsupported spans with floors and rooms above, angled building profile to suit the shape of the plot and multiple roof solutions. Despite a challenging brief we always strive to deliver as much as is possible and help them realise their dream. Working with the Architect and our design team we have delivered these elements in a structurally sound, energy efficient package using the Kingspan Tek system and our tried and tested details, and utilising expertise, experience and resourcefulness with a will to rise to the challenge. The system we have developed lends itself to imaginative projects like this and we were able to deliver a very complicated build, incorporating the client and Architects visions without compromise. 


“When Allister Godfrey first suggested using SIPS frames to build our house, we were intrigued and did some research. Turns out SIPS frames are best described as cost effective, engineered frames with built in insulation. These frames can be built according to our design needs. They are also environmentally better from both manufacture and living in purposes. That sold us to the idea and we found a producer, Glosford SIPs, who were able, in conjunction with Allister, to produce all the frames needed for our new build. Timely delivery and rapid erection (another key factor with SIPS) produced a World Class building in good time. The finished product is a thing of beauty and warmth. The sealed house is well insulated and conserves heat and cool well. We love it.


Photographer – Elanor Walpole  https://www.walpole-photography.co.uk/


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