Glosford – STA Assure Gold

The STA Assure Membership is designed to benefit both clients and members by promoting the differing accreditations and quality standards held by individual STA member companies.

There are three established levels of membership accreditation – Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each accreditation highlights the differing levels of quality procedures, management systems and product performance standards.

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded STA Assure Level Gold which allows us to further demonstrate our high quality standards and provide complete reassurance for our clients.

Self Build in Rural Worcestershire – Entered into the Build It Awards 2021 for Best SIPS Home!

A Unique Self Build Detached 2 Storey Private Residential Dwelling situated in a 20 Acre Field in Rural Worcestershire. This was a difficult site to gain planning permission on as it is situated in open countryside. Consequently an exceptional high quality of design was required to unlock the site. The Architect having secured permission for an ambitious design inspired by the hop growing industry of the region the clients then needed to be able to deliver it. In essence the design consists of 3 no. hop kilns set at different levels and angles to each other and ranging in height from 11.7 to 13.1m In addition to realising the ambitious concept the design needed to meet a number of other criteria

1. High levels of insulation and airtightness in excess of current Building regulations requirements to ensure building had high sustainability credentials.

2. Sourced from renewable materials.

3. Procured locally

4. The homeowners were to live in the caravan throughout the duration of the build so as short as possible construction period was required.

5. The site is very exposed (on top of a hill in open countryside with 360 degree views and weather) The Architects were concerned as to the stability and safety of the building during the construction process as the site can get very windy. Their thoughts quickly turned to timber to answer points 1-3 and then to prefabricated timber in order to deal with points 4&5. SIPs seemed to offer the perfect fit for this particular project in this particular location and so it proved to be. The Clients chose Glosford and found our quotation competitive and within budget. Work was commissioned and many meetings with Glosford and the Architect then followed to enable the final construction drawings to be completed. Glosford’s scope included the 172mm Kingspan TEK SIP wall and roof system along with all internal partitions and floors together with all the structural steel framing required.

Glosford SIPS Enter New Exciting Project into Building Awards 2021

Based on a typical Hop Barn vernacular in Rural Herefordshire, this project features fully vaulted 1st floor rooms with roof top skylights on all 3 roofs.

A roof construction such as this could only be achieved with SIP panels.

Using the unique jointing system and large panel elevations we were able to create a smooth seamless internal face without the need for additional intrusive structural members.

The Underwood shortlisted for two categories at Constructing Excellence SECBE Awards 2021

We recently completed The Underwood project in Greenwich and the Architects are up for an award!

Fuse Architects are delighted to be shortlisted for two categories at Constructing Excellence SECBE Awards 2021, for Building Project of the Year and Sustainability, with their scheme, The Underwood in Greenwich.

They’re proud to work with Glosford SIPS and the Royal Borough of Greenwich Builds team and on a project that demonstrates how a local authority can directly deliver high-quality houses for local people, on a difficult and complicated backland site they already own. The Underwood showcases how we can deliver genuinely affordable, net-zero carbon housing on time and in budget.